Sydney Smith argued “A comfortable dwelling that the source of happiness. It ranks quickly after health and a good conscience that”. Create achieve this happiness you must find the most convenient design which create looking occupancy.

French style is one design that can you apply for residential or apartment. Designer Margaux Beja magnet combines old world from France to respect fully sophisticated and chic. She exposed wooden beams of the authentic structure for creating a single apartment natural idea.

Design uses a white background and decorated with furniture and beautiful wood accents which can be a natural idea apartment

Very few places can be distinguished convenient work desk, along with a beautiful view of the mouth of the window.

Cupboards made from wood proceed beautiful impression in the bedroom you. You can mix it together with black on the inside.

Rack cabinet would be more unique joint wood accents.

For ease of wood elements embodied French style that you want to show. If you want to make it more interesting, you can take advantage of wall hangings made of rattan toilet beautify you.


A solid wood separates the bedroom along with a location, even allowing for filtering does little sunshine so this top floor apartment.

What with the way associated bar the kitchen with a little room off the bedroom? It is the idea that a good matching? You are able to get along lightly open to other areas in the apartments you.

Minimalist dining location at the bottom of the stairs going to be a romantic dining table in the apartment you. You could apply other accents create a romantic feel and realize acquire apartment natural idea.